Friday, March 19, 2010

Lilly Scott talks to Fox 31 Good Day Colorado

American Idol's Lilly Scott visits the studio of Fox 31 Good Day after returning to her home state following her elimination from Idol. American Idol gave Lilly great exposure and helped her gain a large and loyal fan base. Lilly said that although American Idol was an incredible platform, she's not really into pop music and Idol was an 'oddball thing for me to do." After talking to the anchors about how shocking it was to have been voted off, and agreeing with Ellen Degeneres' assessment that fans thought Lilly "had this", one anchor promises to "Get to the bottom of this voting scandal." Coming up next for Lilly is playing gigs, getting on the festival circuit and recording. "I have faith that I will have an awesome career after this."

Lilly did a great cover of Adele "Crazy for You".

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1 comment:

  1. Lilly:

    You have a special sound that resonates with so many people. It is amazing to think that such a sound comes from someone so young. Keep going and stay true to yourself!!!

    A Fan